MoMA Lenin   by Martin J. Cooke

MoMA Lenin

by Martin Cooke


Squeeze me 

Your banana 

Out pops the pip

The similarities are uncanny 

Yellow skin 

Acid v alkaline 

Burglars don’t have fingerprints 

At the banana factory 

A lemon entry dear Watson

A lemon entry! 

We heal wounds 

Turn scars invisible 

Like a spy trick 

In 1940’s occupied no man’s land 

Sending enigmatic love letters 

Like paper aeroplanes 

Over the iron wall 

Bombing hearts with wishes 

For a beautiful death 

Catatonic waxy lemon 

Are you made of Lenin 

Tying together the East and west 

Like the dude’s carpet 

In big Lebowski 

How can anyone be so waxy 

And abideth


Bitter but not vindictive 

Good for English pancakes 

Anti Atlantic Apple 

Bananas and lemons 

Curvy and caustic 

My boomerang won’t come back 

I can put you on my chips and fish 

In case of a crisis 

Gaffer tape me to Titmonning

Moscow is too big 

There should be plantations

Thick as street lamps 

Our peel rains down 

Like ticker tape on 

A parade of one 

Chewing a bus ticket 

On double deckers in Donnie

Imagining lemon fields 

Where cities collide 

On beds of straw 

And golden skies 

Double bent with laughing 

Crease themselves all day 

Until they are blue in the face.




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