Pete Kilkenny


Pete Kilkenny achieved national recognition with his Süddeutsche Kühe series in 2013. This series of 301 paintings on the front page of every issue of the German Newspaper "Süddeutsche" from 19. October 2012 to 18. October 2013.

Each year since 2013 Pete has made tours of the world, seeking out the towns, communities and small cities that are the undiscovered creative cauldrons of the world, and painting on  local newspapers.

Pete's tours from 2014 to 2017 took him to India, Switzerland, Italy, Moscow and Scotland.

Tour 2018 · It's All A Dream Anyway

2018 took Pete to Vienna, Ravensburg, Bali and Moscow where he worked on themes of Cows, Hammocks & dreams and forged his connection with Ticket To The Moon. The vibrant atmosphere of Bali inspired a new direction of colourful paintings that were quickly aquired by collectors.

Tour 2019 · Hadres to Pitlochry

Pete's 2019 tour is currently in planning for June. Pete will be driving in his studio on wheels from the small town of Hadres in Austria to Pitlochry in Scotland. Stops on the way will include Ravensburg and Telford. If you would like to welcome Pete to your community contact us at

Pete's work has appeared alongside the works of many of his heros at the Wurth Gallery and his work is in a number of notable German and International collections.

In 2017 Pete exhibited his works with the work of Friedrich Voltz at the request of the Voltz family.