Swetlana Barina


Olga is a Singer & Songwriter • Spotify link below 

In Moscow we met via my great friend from Bradford, Martin J. Cooke, while working together with the Flying Banana Children's Theatre for children, as artists do, forever creating regardless of any mindless humdrum going on outside. Art lives in the heart, never dull, never tedious.

At the time Olga & I met I was working on my "Methaneless Cows" Shirt, creating together with the adorable tailor Swetlana Barina https://www.momalemon.gallery/artist-swetlana-barina-middot-fashion-artist-tailor-id72 our Designer Label "Mos Cow". So we decided to make one for Olga.

It's actually the only other Methaneless Cows shirt in the world, apart from my own. 

And now there's a war. Two shirts separated by borders that Methaneless Cows know nothing of. Cows of the world move freely in any direction, like clouds in the wind. That is, if we don't chain them up.

I wish with all my heart for Olga to be free. We are all artists after all, born to be free.

"Secret Garden • Almond Blossom Song" - Author Martin J. Cooke