25 Sep 2019 - 28 Nov 2019

Everything Happens By Itself • Tour 2019

Destiny is not to be messed with. Better to go with the flow. MoMA Lemon continues to strengthen connections with fellow artists around the world, most recently at the art fair “Parallel” in Vienna where Pete Kilkenny met with Kalina Stralkowski who manages Zein Editions in Vienna. He also met with hammock company creator Igor Scotland at the Ticket To The Moon's Vienna Headquarters for a recap. We share the common belief that your vision can become part of our vision. 

There is no need to plan anything as everything happens by itself. The universe is working for all.

The tour so far:

25-27 September • Vienna, Austria
Meeting with Kalina Stralkowski & the not there but present anyway fellow woman MoMA Lemon artist & Professorin Elisabeth von Samsonow at the "Parallel" art fair, exhibition platform and artist studios.

29 September 3:30 - 07:00am * • Burghausen, Germany
MoMA Lemon Gallery • "The Artist is Not Present" - Exhibition final preparations

05 October • Stein, Germany - retrieving original art works & Nürnberg • "Art Weekend"

06-07 October • Plzeň, Czech Republic
DEPO2015 • Meeting with the Programme Director Tomaš Fridrich to briefly discuss common creative ground between DEPO2015 & MoMA Lemon. As a working artist in Germany since a couple of decades I become aware of the lack of sponsorship in the arts in Germany, only the toughest can survive. Interesting to notice that a whole bunch of famously successful german artists are from the east of Germany. Richter, Baselitz, Rauch. Personally as an artist working in the provincial region of  Burghausen I have been mistreated in a patronising and arrogant way. But then toughness stands over arrogance. I don't waste my energy with people who waste theirs.

Here at DEPO2015 there is an incredibly powerful atmosphere of unity and creative potential for cultural & creative industries to unite in a surrounding environment of coworkers & makers bringing international art movements together. I also discovered a wonderful incredible edible type project going on in a huge factory hall on the grounds of DEPO2015 organized by local Czech people, thank you Lukáš Petržela
for introducing me to this wonderful project, which brings fruit & chocolate from Uganda and the returns directly back to the farmers in Uganda who actually harvest the fruits and cocoa beans.
And don't you know how a painter so inspired by cows can come to adore chocolate! And all things incredible edible https://www.incredibleedible.org.uk/
I'll be back! Tomáš Fridrich
I love DEPO2015


*  Between these times I prepared the exhibition “The Artist is Not Present”, during the night while normal people were sleeping so as not to disturb anybody.
Art has a habit of causing disturbance so that itself was a considerate act on my part of non disturbance.

I write about PK as though I am not him. Difficult for most of you to comprehend of course, but don’t worry, you are not a person either. You are pure awareness of being whether you like it or not. Being creative is child's play. Like eating chocolate. Sweet.


All works created and connections made will be revealed here on the, "Everything Happens By Itself",  pages of MoMA Lemon ending with an exhibition in Pitlochry in Scotland within the next 2 months of October & November. If you wish to buy art or require more information about our gallery projects contact us at:


A performance without performers
01.10.2019 to 31.12.2019

The Artist is Not Present

A performance without performers




04.10.2019 to 12.06.2051

Spiral to zero